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Our parent company, BEKUM Maschinenfabriken is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of “extrusion blow molding” machinery.  BEKUM America was established in 1979 with the mission to introduce top quality blow molding machinery, designed to produce plastic bottles, containers and other large plastic parts in the North American marketplace, via blending German design and technology with American skill and ingenuity.  Its target was to capture large multi-national customers, as well as small “mom and pop” plastic bottle manufacturers as its customer base.

New Clamping Unit with symmetric force distribution
Increase Uptime: from first to last cycle
Mold movement in the new clamping unit
Premium Domestic Components ensuring rapid spare parts availability
Maintenance-free electronics
Decrease energy use up to 25%
Improved operational usage
Fast carriage movement

Containers from 50 ml to 12 liters
Tremendous flexibility and compact footprint
Industry standard for custom blow molding
Up to 16 cavities

The C-Frame Clamping System separates the Clamp Force Containment and Mold Guidance Functions of the clamp. Offering exceptional clamping characteristics such as uniform clamp force distribution and rapid force build-up ensuring trim consistency with extended clamp component and mold longevity.

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BEKUM’s customers range from entrepreneurial to Fortune 500 companies.  A sample of products produced on BEKUM’s machinery includes customer favorites such as cosmetic and shampoo bottles, food jars, detergent bottles, juice containers and countless other large plastic containers.  As a frame of reference, take a test!  The next time you visit your favorite grocer or department store, make your way to the automotive, cosmetic, coffee or laundry detergent aisles, to name a few.  The products sold there are mainly packaged in plastic bottles or plastic containers.  For the most part, these bottles and containers have been produced on blow molding machines, and the chances are excellent that they are produced on BEKUM-design and built machines.  BEKUM likes to say, “You might not know us, but we touch your life every day”.

"We at Bekum America Corporation strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products
and industry leading service and support."

BEKUM’s business model is “PROFIT FROM OUR EXPERIENCE” and its success has been to transfer German technology to the US, to adapt its technology to US standards, and through its very strong partnerships with its customer base, to work with its customers in the design and production of truly unique and usable consumer products.