Hand Tool Free Mold and Blowpin Change! Exclusively available from Bekum.

When formats are changed regularly in production, being able to change the blow molds and dies within the shortest possible time definitely pays off. The magnetic quick-change system available from Bekum allows formats to be changed in less than 15 minutes per clamping unit – without tools and without special mold carriages. An integrated roller table for removing molds at the side means very little space is required. Blowpins can be replaced using a magnetic bar just as easily, and without any additional centering work. Changes of material and color can also be completed quickly, while also saving material, using the spiral mandrel distributor technology. A Bekum BKW250 extrusion head only requires 60kg of material and 15 minutes purge time.

  • Unique magnetic system allows for no bolts or mechanical locks to secure molds and calibration plates
  • Fail safe design keeps molds securely held even in case of a power outage
  • Door-in-door design provides open access for mold installation from the front of the machine for mold change while keeping simple, single-door access to the machine while in production
  • Integrated roller table eliminates the need to have separate mold carts for installation
  • Calibration plate can be installed with the mold as a single unit making blowpin changes fast and easy with minimal required alignment
  • Intuitive controls guide technicians through the change procedure with many automated steps

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