While Bekum Maschinenfabriken (Bekum) is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of “extrusion blow molding” machinery, Bekum America is North America’s leading provider of blow molding technology.

Bekum America was established in 1979 with the mission to introduce top quality blow molding machinery, designed to produce plastic bottles, containers and other large plastic parts in the North America marketplace, via blending German design and technology with American skill and ingenuity.

A sample of products produced on Bekum’s machinery includes customer favorites such as cosmetic and shampoo bottles, food jars, detergent bottles, beverage and juice containers, and countless other large plastic objects. Bekum’s customers produce these products for an impressive array of consumer-oriented companies. Since its inception, our customer base has expanded greatly and now includes large, multinational customers, as well as small “owner/operator” plastic bottle manufacturers. Bekum likes to say, “You might not know us, but you use bottles produced on Bekum machines every day of your life”.

Bekum strives for excellence in the design and manufacture of its industry leading technology, in the development of its employees and its involvement in the community. The fruits of Bekum’s concentration on developing its PEOPLE has resulted in its industry leading position, and its PEOPLE represent quality and excellence, which translates into long-term success through increasing sales, a strong marketplace share, and more than forty years of successful operations.

Bekum believes the major reason for its long-term success has been its PEOPLE. And so “growing its own” has been and continues to be a significant goal of Bekum. Following this belief, Bekum has developed an award-winning Apprenticeship Program based upon the German “model” and we are proud to announce that more than 50% of our manufacturing employees are products of the Apprenticeship Program.

Bekum practices what it preaches – PEOPLE make the difference.