For the production of jerry cans/canisters, L-ring drums, IBC, automotive fuel tanks, air ducts, and spoilers, the industrial BA-Series blow molding machines from Bekum are excellent solutions.

  • BA-25
  • BA-34
  • BA-34 2D
  • BA-62
  • EBLOW 37

The machines of the BA Series offer both continuous and discontinuous extrusion of complex resins, extremely precise, high tonnage clamping systems, and full automation in mono-layer and co-extrusion.

Technical Specs
Single Station MachinesBA-25BA-34.2EBLOW 37BA-62(S)
Double Station Machines-BA-34.2D - -
Mold Width (mm)350700700900
Mold Length (mm)5307007001200
Mold Depth (mm)2 x 2502 x 2502 x 2502 x 250
(2 x 350)
Mold Daylight (mm)390590550900
Clamp Force (U.S. Tons)22.537.139.469.7