For Small Engine Tanks, Portable Gas Cans, and High Performance Packaging
“Co-Extrusion is the proven answer that can grow and adapt as permeation regulations tighten and flexible fuels evolve.”

Co-Extrusion Benefits:
  • 82% of the world's automotive fuel tanks are presently in Co-Extruded plastic.
  • Manufacturing economics are favorable with Co-Extrusion as the barrier layer typically only represents 3% of the total wall structure.
  • Co-Extrusion meets the current fuel emission regulations as established by CARB and the EPA.
  • Co-Extrusion structures and materials can be tailored to address flexible fuels.
Outstanding Features:
  • 2-7 layer systems
  • Up to 6-parison Co-Ex heads, 6-layer
  • Up to 12-parison Tri-Ex heads, 3-layer
  • Barrier layer thickness accuracy of +/- 10 microns
  • A full range of Co-Extrusion heads with die sizes from 30-600 mm.
  • Single and double station machines with clamp sizes for 1 to 220 liter articles.
  • Package enhancements include:
    • Extended shelf life
    • Oxygen barrier
    • UV and light protection
    • Chemical barrier
    • Flavor & odor barriers
    • Recycling
  • 30+ Years of Co-Extrusion experience.
  • Bekum Worldwide service and support

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