Bekum has worked with virtually all blow molding materials and processing requirements.
We work closely with product designers, mold makers, and material suppliers to offer custom development solutions.
Let Bekum’s expertise help you turn your idea into a reality!

Services Bekum America Offers

  • Confidential Testing
  • Process Development
  • Mold Development
  • Material Trials
  • Container Analysis
  • Training

We have machines available for your testing needs

  • New Bekum shuttle machines allow development using the latest technology
  • Bekum has a variety of feedscrew and head designs to process most materials and container sizes
  • Stock bottle molds are available for use
  • In-house performance testing including container measurement, multi-layer analysis, top load, and drop impact testing

In-House and On-Site Customer Processing Support!

  • In-house head tooling design and manufacture
  • Assistance for new products on existing machines including machine modification, mold/tooling manufacture, and qualification
  • Engineering and production support at your facility allows timely machine and/or sequence upgrades for application requirements
  • Complete factory machine qualification under production conditions to ensure performance and specification compliance prior to shipment
  • On-site training and/or processing assistance is available

Profit from our Experience!

For after-hours Service assistance, call or text (517) 927-2958