The automotive sector demands the highest level of technology.
Bekum’s proven BA series large size blow molding machines set the standard
for plastic fuel tank and filler pipe production.

Bekum’s automotive production technology toolbox includes:

  • 6-layer spiral flow extrusion head for material saving and increased productivity by minimizing purging and cleaning times
  • Uniform wall thickness and EVOH barrier distribution
  • Time-tested clamping units with optimized clamping force distribution allowing for excellent weld seams
  • Precise machine movements with low energy consumption
  • Integrated quality control systems
  • Automation options for inserted components with integrated robots
  • IMD technology (In-Mold Deflashing)
  • 7-layer spiral flow technology for 3D filler pipe production
  • IMD (In-Mold Deflashing)

Bekum’s Automotive Machinery Solutions