Whatever your Food and Beverage package requirements might be,
Bekum has a solution!

Bekum technologies offer the production solutions that the food and beverage industry demand, including:

  • Single and double sided machines to fit your production requirements
  • Long stroke and tandem machines for high production outputs
  • 100-point parison programming for optimal material distribution and light weighting
  • Calibrated neck finishes up to 63mm
  • Full automation
  • All-electric options for energy savings and cleanliness
  • Fast, flexible machines with quick changeover features
  • Compact footprint

  • Up to 6 layers are possible allowing:

    • Extended shelf life
    • Oxygen barriers
    • Improved recycling
    • Cost reduction with fillers
    • UV and light protection
    • Flavor and odor barriers

Bekum’s Food and Beverage Machinery Solutions