(Williamston, MI) The Bekum America Corporation will introduce its EBLOW 407DL machine at the NPE 2018 in Orlando. The Plastics Show will take place beginning May 7th through May 11th at the Orange County Convention Center. The EBLOW 407DL will be demonstrated at booth W 2127 in the West Hall, running an 8 x 100mm CLD production of a 1-liter round, 3-layer HDPE personal care bottle in recyclable HDPE.

“Bekum is excited to showcase our latest innovations in blow molding machinery,” said Steve London, President and Chief Operating Officer. “We have an impressive selection of electric and hydraulic machines as well as Hybrid variants that can be tailored to meet our diverse client needs.”

The North American blow molding industry recognizes that the Bekum “07” Machine Series offers a full-range of bottle production potential – small bottles through large handled products. To specifically address the growing market need for a “high speed, bottle maker,” Bekum has successfully introduced the 407DL machine. This machine offers the benefits of a double-shuttle long stroke machine platen, however, with a focus on cost-efficient production of smaller bottles, especially those for personal care products.

As with the successful US-built 407D and 607D machine models, the 407DL will include the patented C-Frame clamp design and is available in Hydraulic (HYBLOW) or Electric (EBLOW) versions as well as Hybrid versions.

To enhance the speed and output of the 407DL machine, more traditional clamping forces and mold dimensions will be employed to specifically address the high speed, small bottle market segment and offer a very attractive cost / output ratio. Two HYBLOW 407DL machines (16 cavities each, 3-layers) have already been installed by Bekum America.

Bekum’s introduction of the US-Manufactured EBLOW 407DL machine at NPE 2018 will focus on the following key benefits:

This machine offers the cavitation advantage of a double-shuttle long stroke machine, however with a focus on speed and cost-efficient production of smaller bottles.

Flexibility is provided with the newly developed integrated quick mold change system offering 15 minutes mold changes without the use of tools (without extrusion head).

The use of 3-layer Spiral flow head technology for maximized middle layer HDPE PCR loading and precise circumferential wall distribution.

With Hydraulic (HYBLOW) or Electric (EBLOW) versions as well as Hybrid versions, Bekum can tailor the 407DL machine to address specific customer requirements and operational/maintenance staff expertise.

407DL Machine Specifications:
Max. mold width: 860 mm
Max. mold length: 470 mm
Mold depth: 2 x 130 mm
Mold open daylight: 250 mm
Clamping force: 200 kN (22.4 US tons)

BEKUM America was established in 1979 with the mission to introduce top quality blow molding machinery, designed to produce plastic bottles, containers and other large plastic parts in the North American marketplace, via blending German design and technology with American skill and ingenuity. Bekum’s customer base includes large multi-national customers, as well as owner/operator plastic bottle manufacturers.