Bekum America expands its EBLOW range of All Electric Machines

At NPE 2012, Bekum announced the expansion of its EBLOW series of Twin Station all electric blow molding machines, as well as the hydraulic (HYBLOW) versions.

The EBLOW 307D, the first Bekum all electric blow molding machine of the 07 series was introduced in a running demonstration at the K 2010 show. Since that time the new clamping system, electric drives and control systems have been exhaustively tested and optimized at Bekums world headquarters in Berlin Germany.

With numerous machines already installed in the field in demanding around-the-clock production, the EBLOW technology has achieved outstanding results in terms of accuracy, efficiency and reliability. The EBLOW concept has been fully validated to meet Bekums rigorous machinery standards and the series has now been expanded to include three additional models; the EBLOW 407D, EBLOW 507D & EBLOW 607D.

Advantages of the EBLOW series include:

  • Reduction in overall machine energy consumption, up to 30% to 40%
  • Shorter cycle times with concurrent machine movements and parallel sequencing
  • Smooth high precision movements with a positioning accuracy of 0,01 mm
  • Clamp design with space for optional bottom calibration
  • Simple connections with wires and cables instead of hydraulic lines
  • Noise reduction with elimination of hydraulic pumps and flow noises, 68 dB maximum
  • Extended service life without use of mechanical end stops
  • No oil leaks, ideal for the cleanest of blow molding environments

On the performance, flexibility & reliability side, the EBLOW series offers:

  • Secure production from the first cycle
  • High-speed production and high efficiency
  • Tandem blow as an option
  • Optimized bottle weight control
  • Consistency in meeting tight product specifications

Bekums technical and after-sales service is recognized worldwide. Its product development and after-sales service engineers are fully focused on providing customer assistance by responding quickly with innovative problem-solving solutions.

From machine design development to project start-up and superior equipment performance over time, it is Bekums goal to bring together expertise in engineering and services in order to provide existing and future customers with solutions to meet all their extrusion blow molding needs.

Technical Specifications
Max Mold Width 350mm / 500mm 500mm 500mm 700mm
Mold Clamping Force 100kN / 11.2 U.S. tons 150kN / 16.8 U.S. tons 200kN / 22.4 U.S. tons 240kN / 26.8 U.S. tons
Dry Cycle Time 2.0 Sec. 2.5 Sec. 3.0 Sec. 3.7 Sec.

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Bekum America Corporation
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