Bekum America delivers the first BM-907D Long Stroke Machine

Bekum America has recently delivered the 1st BM-907D machine for the high output production of medical components.

The selection criteria for the BM-907D was its ability to yield fully automated production of extrusion blow molded proprietary medical articles, inclusive of neck calibration and deflashing, while maintaining high cavitation.

Ideal for high output container production, the new BM-907D Long Stroke machine integrates outstanding technical specifications while maintaining all of the traditional advantages of shuttle machine production, such as:

  • Calibrated neck finishes eliminating secondary finishing
  • In machine — deflashing
  • Oriented bottle discharge to one side of the machine
  • Ease of operation and adjustment
  • Quick mold change system
  • 2 or 3 layer compatibility
  • Compact machine footprint

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum mold width: 1380 mm
  • Mold clamping force: 400 KN (44.8 U.S. tons)
  • Dry cycle time: 4.5 seconds

Examples of the BM-907Ds production flexibility include:

  • A 250ml oval HDPE bottle could run 28 cavities on 85 mm centerline distance, yielding a nominal output in excess of 75 million bottles per year
  • A 4 liter handled bottle could run 12 cavities on 200 mm centerline distance, yielding a nominal output in excess of 20 million bottles per year

On the performance, flexibility, and reliability side, the BM-907D offers:

  • High-speed production and high efficiency
  • Optimized bottle weight control
  • Consistency in meeting tight product specifications

Bekums technical and after-sales service is recognized worldwide. Its product development and after-sales service engineers are fully focused on providing customer assistance by responding quickly with innovative problem-solving solutions.

From machine design development to project start-up and superior equipment performance over time, it is Bekums goal to bring together expertise in engineering and services in order to provide existing and future customers with solutions to meet all their extrusion blow molding needs.

Gary Carr
Bekum America Corporation
P.O. Box 567
1140 West Grand River Avenue. Williamston, MI 48895-567