Extrusion Heads

BKC 180 (6 layer co-ex)
BKW (spiral mandrel) with electric programming
BKZ 40/100

Bekum offers a complete line of extrusion heads designed for the processing of polyolefins and for heat sensitive materials, all of which feature a broad process range. For specific applications, Bekum heads can be customized to maximize performance.


BKZ Heads

BKZ extrusion heads are recommended for the processing of polyolefins (HDPE, LDPE and PP) and other thermally stable materials including HMWPE, PET, PC, and TPE.


BKD Heads

BKD extrusion heads are ideal for the processing of thermally sensitive materials such as PVC and PU, but can also process PET, PC, and TPE.


BKB / BKC Heads

BKB/BKC heads are ideal for multi-layer (co-extrusion) applications.  BKB/BKC heads can be supplied for applications requiring 2-7 layer structures with barrier layers, PCR materials, and decorative outer layers.

Available in Spiral Flow Technology


AKZ / AKB Heads

AKZ accumulator heads are recommended for the processing of HDPE, HMWPE, PC, and all engineering resins.


BKW Heads / All Electric

Spiral Mandrels and Electric Servo-Based Parison Programming. The latest Extrusion Head Technologies from Bekum.

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